Standard Mix Package for Music in All Genres 

$150 per song

Includes Pro Mix, Two Revisions, High quality WAV and MP3 files of song

It is highly recommended that you identify/provide reference songs that you feel are similar to your desired sound.

If available, a rough mix is often helpful for demonstrating the general direction you would like your song to go.


Techniques Utilized to Bring Out the Best in Your Music

Basic editing – removal of minor noise, pops, thumps

Gain staging  – to achieve clarity and headroom

EQ – to define character of instruments and vocals within the mix

Compression – for dynamic control and impact

Creative effects – for example, reverb and delay to establish and reinforce “the vibe”

Stereo master tracks – appropriate file formats for mastering and/or distribution

Performance tracks – with and without background vocals or specific instrument

Advanced Editing Not included in Standard Mix Package but available for additional cost of $100/song:

Comping – combining/consolidating multiple takes to achieve “best performance”
Pitch correction – smooth out any intonation errors in vocals or instruments
Timing correction – time align instrumental and vocal tracks to “put it in the pocket”

Standard Location Recording Package 

Up to 4 hours recording/tracking – $250 

Each additional hour $60 billed in 1 hour increments